The pictures I promised

Since I got back from our trip I have been so out of it, so I havent gotten around to putting up any pictures. I forget I am pregnant and shouldnt go non-stop for weeks. It caught up with me, but I am feeling better and finally decided to sit and post.
Since we have gotten back, Piper is obessed with Papa. If I make her mad, she asks for Papa. If she wants a snack, she asks for Papa. If she sees a picture of him, she freaks out saying Papa. I guess babies will remember you if you give them what they want, when they want it and dont know they want it. Oh, to be young agian!
Grandma Richardson's plane was a little late so we waited in the car and played for a little while, then Sam got out the camera. These few pictures are of us just playing around!
Grandma Richardson trying to be friends with Piper so she read her a book. It usually works.
This was me when I got home from camp. No tan, just more freckles!
On Sunday, the day before grandma left.
This is Piper at my parents house in Stella. That little girl never had a clean moment.
Papa giving everyone a ride on the lawn mower.
My sister Kelli and her kids. Kimmy 4, Clark 2 1/2, and Zander about to turn 1 in a few days!
I even got to ride. It was harder for me to get in and out and Kelli even said "funny to watch" but it was worth it!
Kelli hates this picture but I keep showing it!! We went to the little park that they have in Stella for a little while. We went wadding in the creek, and it was FREEZING!
Papa blowing up balloons for Piper and Clark. No Piper is not wearing pants! It was noon and she had pooped out of 2 pair of shorts so I stopped putting pants on her, She was teething and her diapers were very icky!
Piper and her Grammy! So the picture dont show how much fun we had and I had the camera so we dont have any pictures of Sam camping with Kelli's husband in Arkansas. But you can probably see 4 grown men canoeing, BBQ, swimming, cliff diving, etc... without pictures!

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