Still broken....

Well it has been a week since I messed it all up and I still can't get it to do anything. But at least I can still post, it just wont be pretty anymore =o(
This week has been pretty busy. Sams schedule is the same, so he has been gone, but Piper can now say and recognize 16 letters, and recognize and count to 3!!! She knows the colors red (cause Elmo is red) blue and yellow! She can say anything you ask her to say, somethings better than others, she knows all of her grandparents and some aunts, uncles, and cousins, by their picture. I should probably stop but I just want to brag about her all the time! Of course I think she is the smartest and cutest thing ever, I'm her mother! Sam wants her doing math equations by next week, but I thought just going to Nursery would be enough! Next Sunday is her last Sunday with us! I can't believe she is 18 months already! Where did all the time go? It will be nice to have some free kid time before we have Thaddeus, but I will still miss her! We got a new comforter for her big girl bed and she loves it. She has taken a nap or two in the bed, but I am not ready for her to be out of the crib. We are slowly winging me from her baby stage!
As for me, I had a doctors appt. this week and got my test results to my echo and ultrasound. He is a HE, and is right on track and perfect. Sam said this one looked like me? For as smart as that kid is, you would think he would know you cant tell from the ultrasound, but he is determined! The doctor said my heart murmur should go away after the birth which is good. I would like to walk from room to room and not lose my breath! I miss playing the Wii to!


Wonder Woman said...

Seriously, girl, give me a call if you want some help. =D

Piper can recognize LETTERS?!? That's crazy!! I'm impressed. Isaac is just starting to recognize letters and numbers at preschool. And colors. But he can play and win the Star Wars Lego game with NO PROBLEM. =D Hmm, maybe that tells me something....=D

Eric's still in a crib. But if he weren't he'd be sharing a room with Isaac. We've tried it a few times, and they just stay up till 10 when I put Eric in his bed. Of course, we don't have a NEED to get him out of the crib, so it's okay. Good to hear that everything's okay with Thaddeus. I can't believe that you're gonna have two kids in a few months. Not two more. Just all together. You mean what I know.

Richardson Five said...

I didn't know about your heart. SO what is the story?
Oh, and I always thought I could tell what our baby looked like on the ultrasound and was always totally wrong! Good luck Sam-o!

salena said...

Glad to hear that your murmur will go away!
Hey if you need help with your blog let me know..I'm not a pro...but I can try!