Love a husband

My husband has been out of town since early Wednesday morning and will get back Sunday evening. He went to a law student conference in Boston. No big deal except for the fact that on Monday night I could start to feel myself get sick. I woke up a few times thinking I was going to have to run to the bathroom and puke, but luckily I didnt. But Tuesday I was way sick. I was throwing up, my joints were achy, my neck and back and head were throbbing. Sam gave me a blessing before he left and each of the kids got one to. I did feel better on Wednesday but I am still not well. so, I am sick for the first time in like 24 years (my whole life), just in time fro Sam to leave, just after I have a newborn and have two kids under the age of two!!! Life sucks, but if I can just make it till tomorrow evening I think we will all survive!

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Grammy of 9 said...

Oh, Nikki! I wish I were there to help you!!! I hope you are all better by now and have a great birthday. I'm going to call you!