Sam is trying to teach Piper that she is two (She will be next month). Piper thinks it is funny to disagree with us, so like when we say green, she will say "No, it's red" or when she is putting a puzzle together she puts the piece in the right spot then looks at us and moves it to the wrong spot and says "No, not there" things like that, well anyway, so this morning Sam was trying to get her to say that she is two and she just looked at him smiled really big and said "No, Piper 16" so then all morning Sam would say "no, Piper is two" her reply, "No, Piper is 16!" She laughed and laughed and thought she was so clever!

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Wonder Woman said...

Sad!! Little girls are always so eager to grow up. Right now Eric is saying, "Mom, what's your name?" I tell him Mommy and he says, "No way!! That's crazy! What's that noise?" Kids are awesome.