Our Sunday

We blessed Thaddeus today in church and my Sambo did an awesome job! Blessed him with many wonderful things! It was just a good day. Piper even slept in and woke up happy and got ready for church with a smilE on her face, which doesn't usually happen. She let me get her dressed and put her hair in pig tails, MIRACLE I TELL YOU!! Thad was quiet the whole blessing, never heard a peep out of him! He didn't spit up or poop out of his outfit, which lately is his specialty!! Then when we got home, Piper and Thad watched Calliou together. It was so cute. Piper is always wanting Thaddeus to play. I think her exact words are " up guy, play"! Then they both took a nap on the couch. Isn't that were Sunday naps are supposed to be?? It was an awesome day! Except it isn't oer yet! Our Arizona Cardinals are playing in the superbowl tonight and we are on our way to a friends house to watch them play! GO CARDS!!!

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Natalie said...

Thad is so cute! I'm glad you had a good Sunday.