Kelli's son Clark Dwain Call turned 3!!! I feel like such a bad aunt and sister cause I didn't call kelli/Clark yesterday. Kelli and I talk almost everyday and the one day that I choose to fail as a sister and aunt is the day my nephew turns 3. Can't win them all I guess?? Well anyway, here's to Clarkie! Hope you had an awesome birthday and to enjoying your yummy chocolate cake!
"Nobody puts baby in the corner", but apparently Kelli does!
(If you don't know what movie that is, then you aren't as cool as I thought you were!!!!)


Wonder Woman said...

dirty dancing! dirty dancing! I'd never seen it till a few months ago when Levi made me. I was like, "So they're doing all this so she can get an abortion?" Levi was all, "Oh....whoops. I forgot that." =D

Happy birthday Clark!!

Nikki said...

Yeah, I didn't know that growing up, but you get to see Patrick with his shirt off!

Grammy of 9 said...

OK. So, I was a bad mom and let my kids watch that movie. They loved the music and dancing, and had no idea what an abortion was. My bad. But you are right.