Spring Break.....

So Sam got 2 weeks for spring break and we booked it out of Valpo as soon as possible and went to my parents house in Stella, Missouri! Heart of the Ozarks! Sam and I love it there. You could be there for weeks without anyone bothering you, it is quiet, peaceful and well Home! Kelli and her kiddos came up for the first week. Piper LOVED Kimmy. Kimmy is 2 1/2 years older, so she got kinda tired of her, but Kimmy put up with her really well (till the end). Then we spent the 2nd week with just Sam and I, but we still had fun! Piper loved having Papa and Mimi at her disposal! Then we headed home on Friday, but went up and stayed then ight in Keokuk, Iowa and then Saturday crossed the Mississippi river to Nauvoo, Illinois. It was Sams first trip and he was way excited and I hadn't been there since my brother Levi and Alyssa got married there almost 6 years ago. We meet some friends of ours there and had a great day! Now that I have written about it, it is time for all the pictures! and trust me, there is ALOT!! (the pictures are backwards, so if you want them in the order that they happened, start at the end and go up. I could have fixed it but to many pictures to fix and to late and tired to do it, sorry)
Matt, Michelle, James, and Alyese Chandler and us after dinner Saturday night in Nauvoo.
Piper and James
Gun shot that killed Hyrum
The window Jospeh fell from
My family infront of the window. Plays with your heart strings when you are actually in the room where the prophet died.
The window Joseph fell from is the one in the upper left hand corner. I didn't know that whenthe picture was taken, but now kinda cool that I have it!
Cell they were held
Their bodies were buried under this building till the 1920's. The second hiding spot Emma had them hidin.
The house Emma died in
The wooden building is the first home they had together in Nauvoo. The white side was added on after they no longer lived there
Where their bodies are now.
I was on the phone with Kelli and trying to get Piper out of her seata nd Sam thought it was picture time!
Thad chillin with Superman
The boys shooting guns at my grandpas house
Piper, Papa, and Kimmy watching tv
playing on the playground at my grandpas house. It took, Me, Piper, Kelli, and Zander to defeat Sambo!
My beautiful twin sister and I!
Piper made Sam play with her onthe titer toter for ever! She loved it!
Hi Mom and Dad!
Shooting my dads cross bow! Not to bad of a shot If I do say so myself! This is my sexy pose! Sams Rambo pose!
Hope you enjoyed the pictures! We had so much fun and cant believe how fast time flys! I didn't take any pictures of the E.R. party we had with my mom, but we had one of those these trips to! It just wouldn'tbe complete without one! Piper woke up and looked for Papa and Mimi for hours, and was so excited to see them that she ran to them and gave them both HUGE hugs! anyway, that was our trip in a nutshell!

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Wonder Woman said...

Jealous. Jealous. Jealous.

Looks like you guys had a great time. I SSSSOOOOOOOO wish we could hav been there. Your parents are coming out here in less than a month, though!! I'm so excited!!