On Tuesday, my friend Michelle informed me that her and Paige were making dresses for their girls for Easter and invited me to do the same. Well I do not sew, or have any domestic tallent or skill, but I said sure. Michelle is a good teacher and very patient so I knew she wouldn't mind me constantly asking her for help. So we went and picked out fabric, and the next day we had a dress. They all looked so adorable, and us moms were very proud of our craftsmanship! We had people at church ask why we didn't invite them to make a dress, and all were very complimentary about the dresses. Anyway..... they all looked adorable and I am so glad that we made them.
Paige and Brooklyn, Michelle and Alyese, and Me and Piper.
I was wearing 4 inch heels and they are both still taller than me!
So Piper would get a new dress for Easter, so Thad needed something for Easter right? So I saw a green onsie that would match Pipers dress perfectly and it was on sale for 50% off! So I am walking up to the register and see this green shirt for me! Walk up to it and it is 75% off!! Try it on and it fits! Then I remember that Sam has a purple dress shirt! We could all match for church. So we buy Sam a new green tie so he has something new (which of course was on sale too) and we looked awesome! Everyone commented on how nice we all looked! If we had to do it over I would buy Sam a green shirt, but anyway, we looked very Eastery and springy! It was even in the high 40's I think that day, so we could take pictures outside. We didn't even wear coats that day cause of how "warm" it was! Who would have thought Arizonians would think high 40's was warm?
Thad was trying to take a nap and Sam wouldn't stop with the dumb faces, (which he makes in EVERY picture) so we didn't get to many good pictures, and this was the best one!
Piper looks bigger than me in this picture! Why am I so tiny and my kids are beasts?? My three month old eats like he is 9 months old and Piper is the size of a 3 year old, and I can still pass for 16??
This was our attempt to get all the kids in a picture! Yeah, it didn't turn out. Piper can't hold up Thaddeus cause like I mentioned before, he eats alot and weighs alot, and she wasn't strong enough, and James infront kept trying to get poor Alyese to look up, forcefully, so that made her upset, and Brooklyn kept trying to go to her mommy. Anyway, here are all the kids! All matching!
Can you believe I MADE THIS??
And lastly, the reason we are surviving here in Valpo. Our friends!
The Clark's
The Chandlers
(who are graduating and leaving us in 3 weeks!!! I think I might start crying now)
OK, this was just to funny not to share! Piper was trying to give Brooklyn a hug and usually they are both very willing, but for some reason today, Brooklyn thought it was better to run from her. She ran from Piper for about 10 minutes laughing the whole time! It was the funniest thing ever, but my girl is determined and never gave up!


Richardson Five said...

Those dresses are to die for. Good job! I am so impressed.

Chandler Family said...

I LOOOOOVE it!! I'm so glad we all got them done. And even though I pushed y'all to do the dresses, look who's family were all matchy matchy! By the way I loved groovin with ya tonight!