one week in one post

OK, so I don't post just one thing. I only post about once a week if I am lucky cause I have two babies, and would rather play with them during the day and then at night get caught up on my house. I know I only post about my babies, but honestly they are the only ones that do anything fun and interesting. If Sam and I do something fun, I will let you know, but until then. SO anyway..... my week in review
We went to the county fair with some friends and they have a little boy Ethan. He is about 6 months younger than Piper and the play well together.
To much excitement for little guy's
Piper LOVES rides! She rides them all by herself and loves the ones that go fast, just like mommy!! She is 36 inches tall and that is the height you need to be to ride a ride by yourself! One perk to being the height of a 3 year old when you're 2!
Love that smile on her face!!!! The first thing she said to me when she got off was, "I wanna go again Mommy!!" It was so cute!
On the way home. We were in the car about 3 minutes and she passed out. Couldn't even finish her "happy cone" as she calls it! Don't worry Daddy finished it! She won the blue pony playing a game all by herself too! What a BIG girl I have! I was cooking breakfast, looked down the hall and saw this! Piper loves that Thaddeus can play with her now. He follows her around the house and thinks whatever she does is golden! She was calling herself Papa E and Thaddeus was just Papa. (Papa E is my grandpa May, and Papa is my Dad) We started playing a game with Piper when she was about 12 months. We would wrap her up in a blanket and call her our bundle baby. She still loves to be mommy's bundle baby! She wanted to be a bundle baby with Thaddeus! It was so cute!!
Piper has grown quite found of the camera and wants to take a picture whenever possible! This time she wanted to make silly faces! She laughed and laughed at her self for a long time!! My little poser! How can you not love a face like that!!?? And at last..... my baby is 7 months old today! I can't believe how fast it has gone! He is growing up so much faster than Piper! He is crawling, he has two bottom teeth, He will copy anything you do, he is standing up against things, (still on his knees, well one knee), he still smiles at everyone and loves to be around people! I have successfully managed to make both of my kids momma's babies! I LOVE IT!! Both of our kids love daddy to, but there know where their bread is buttered!! Thaddeus will get so excited to see me he will grab my hair with both fists and attack my face! I end up with a new hair do, spit all over my face and occasionally a scratch or two but I love it, so I let him do it! He has started to follow me threw the house to. If I go to the kitchen so does he, the bathroom, so does he but he doesn't like the floor so he just watches and whines for me till I get him! He is such a great baby. Lays down at naps and bed time without a problem. He never cries. Piper was good, but she would cry till the door shut. I can take him anywhere and he is just awesome! I don't know how I got so lucky with two great, obedient, sweet, kind children, but I ain't asking questions! Was that proper!? I am so lucky to have bud. He brings so much joy and happiness into my life! I thought life couldn't get any better when I had just Piper, but now I know it can get better and it did! Thank you bud for being who you are!! Love you little guy!


Wonder Woman said...

The fair looks like so much fun! Love the big chair, and the look on Piper's face is priceless!!

It's so fun when your kids start playing together! With any luck, it'll continue for years and years. It sure makes my job easy right now! The only reason I can blog as often as I do is because the boys would rather play with each other all day!!

Grammy of 9 said...

Make sure MeMe gets copies of all these pics for my scrapbook, OK? I cannot WAIT for you guys to get here!!!

Richardson Five said...

I love Piper's expression when she is on the ride- that is great.