Calliou runs my life!
Piper wants to watch it all day long. It is good when it is nap time and she doesn't want to till I say "No Calliou till after naps." That girl runs to her bed! Having one child obsessed is bad enough, but whenever Thaddeus hears the theme song, he comes running and then you get this!
I was dressing him for bed and I could not get his jammies on him so I gave up till the song was over then he came back and let me dress him but he had to be at the TV while the song played. Maybe he is just feeding off Pipers obsession cause he has seen her do it for the past 8 months of his life! Maybe if he wasn't so whiny all the time,I could find the patience for it, but all I want do to is send him to time out! If my kids whined like that they would be in time out forever!! If you don't have kids yet, you think "That wont happen to me. I wont spend all day watching dumb cartoons." Well, I said that, and I do!


Laura said...

Love it! What a priceless picture! I stole some of your songs for my blog too!

salena said...

Bastien went through a long Caillou phase and I'm happy to say, its over and I dont have to hear that whiny little brat! (Not my kid:)