My 9 MONTH old baby

My baby turned 9 months old! It all went by so fast! He rolled over at 5 months. Started crawling at 7 months. 7 1/2 months standing on things and walking along them. Also at 7 months he got two bottom teeth! 8 months started to stand up by himself. Who knows what this next month will bring. He has two top teeth that are going to bust threw any day now and if he is like Piper he will take his first steps by the end of his 9th month. He follows Piper around everywhere and hates that he can't keep up. Piper wants him to be bigger already so I don't yell at her when she wants to wrestle with him! He loves when she wrestles with him, but the choke holds make me kinda nervous! He is such a lover and a tease. He loves to flirt with people, but then acts shy when they talk to him. He loves to snuggle me and give me hugs and just sit on my lap! I wanted a cuddlier since Piper robbed me of being a cuddle baby and I got one. Sometimes it can get irritating when you're trying to cook dinner or go to the bathroom, but he loves me and I can't complain! I love that little guy and I am so blessed to be called his mommy!
Love you Bud!!


Grammy of 9 said...

Isn't it time to come see Meme yet?

Chandler Family said...

Hey preggo....I can't believe how big he is!! I totally can't believe your baby bump either, that is insane. Wish I could be there to help you when Sam is away for the bar...maybe we can work something out.

MegRich said...

Aww. So cute! I can't believe how fast our boys are growing up!