sick and tired

My poor little girl has been sick since Saturday with a bad ear infection. It started to drain on Sunday night, which is gross but the doctor told me Monday morning it was good and it should stop and get better by Wednesday, but to give her ear drops. 5 drops twice a day for 10 days. There aren't helping the drainage which is till pretty heavy. They aren't helping, the pain, the headache, or the infection. Having a whiny, crying, screaming 2 year old for a week SUCKS!!!
We will see her about 4 times a day like this. Once she gets some relief from the new dose of tylenol, she passes out! Poor thing!!


Grammy of 9 said...

Oh, my poor Piperdoodle! I am so sad to hear she's feeling so sick. No fun for anyone, is it? Hopefully those drugs will work quickly. I hope Lil' Geno doesn't come down sick, too. Lots of love from MeMe.

Laura said...

Oh No! How sad! I hope she feels better soon. Isn't awesome when the meds kick in and they can get a little rest. Thinking of you guys!