First HAIRCUT!!!!

So Thaddeus never lost the hair on the back of his head, so he had the beginnings of a mullet. I was cutting Sam's hair this afternoon, and Thaddeus crawls in. So we snatch him up and cut his hair. He held really still actually, which was something I was worried about, but he did GREAT! I cried. I have never had to cut my children's hair before and it is emotional! My baby had enough hair to cut!!! I blame it on pregnancy hormones! He had litle curls in back and when I cut them, that is when I got teary eyed. What if his little curls don't grow back??
This is only the back of his neck. So long and so mullety! I don't care how cute you are,
I should have taken a before shot so you could see the mullet, but it was a spontaneous thing, that I didn't know I was going to do. If I did, I could have prepared and maybe not got teary about it. I didn't want it to look like he got his first hair cut so I tried to make it look "not perfect". Which I think helped me more than anything else.
My handsome, happy, doesn't care he just got his first hair cut, little guy! What a handsome little man I have!! I could just eat him up!!!
Piper saw the camera out and you can't get out the camera w/o taking pictures her! She had to take pictures of me, but I wont post those! She posed for the picture. She is turning into a little girl/PRINCESS! The attitude that comes with it is challenging but I love having a little girl!!

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Grammy of 9 said...

I love you and your blog so much! Seeing my grandbabies is the best gift I can get. It always chhers me up. Even if I do see them growing older without me!!! Haircut??!! Aw... My big boy! And I love Princess Piper!!!