It isn't Halloween till tomorrow, but we wont be going trick or treating and tonight was the ward Trunk or Treat. We had fun and Piper got to play and eat candy and play some more! She loved it and she loved her costume. She was so excited she made me put it on her and do her hair at 3 and we didn't leave till 6! Thaddeus was in a Duck costume that Piper wore her first Halloween, but it was like 2 sizes to small and we broke the zipper trying to get it on him. He was a roasted duck in the costume so we just took it off. He had a monster on his shirt so we went with that!
I LOVE this picture! You don't get more Piper than in this picture!We don't call it attitude, we call it FLAIR!
This is Piper doing her ballerina moves!
Checking out the goods!
Her best friend Brooklyn.
Connor, Brooklyn, and Piper exchanging candy in the middle of the hall.
Best friends again!
I had talked myself out of dressing up, but Piper asked me where my costume was and I didn't have the heart not to wear it after that. So yes, that is what a 21 week pregnant lady in a ballerina costume looks like!
Family that dresses up together, stays together. Piper wanted Sam to be a doctor and luckily Sam's brother is a doctor and Sam got scrubs from him a few years ago, well I guess stole, but whatever.
After the party I HAD TO HAVE a DQ Pumpkin Pie Blizzard, (If you haven't had one yet, GO GET ONE!) So Piper also got a dilly bar. She just didn't have enough sugar yet?
After we got home, Thad laid like that in the bean bag for about 10 minutes! Parties are hard on little guys!
We went outside for the trunk or treat and we hit one trunk and Piper was done. It was so cold and the wind was blowing so hard that I agreed. We didn't have enough candy for Sam and I yet, so I picked her up run to all my friends cars and ran inside. After that I was worn out. It took me 10 minutes to catch my breath but we got some good candy!!!
The things you wont do for your kids!

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