We still don't know what we are having yet. I have a doctors appointment on Wednesday and will ask my doctor about it then, but Sam and I have our names for either sex. Once we hear a name, we know instantly that, that is the name we want. I am glad that Sam is open to non-traditional names.
I give him lots of names and he shuts down many of the them, but the ones that I know he wont like, he actually ends up loving and we name our children the names. Luckily, they are the ones that I LOVE the most!
Here are some of the names that I love, but we aren't using. Well at least for this child.
  1. Aspen
  3. Darcy
  4. Paisley
  1. Aspen
  2. Guy
  3. Oliver
  4. Grayson
Piper's choice for names (Don't ask, she is 2!)
  1. Barney
  2. Strawberry Shortcake
  3. Thaddeus
  4. Pookee
People say not to tell people your names cause someone will steal it. I never worry about someone stealing our names. When we first announce our names, EVERYONE hates them. But eventually they grow on people and if they don't, I don't care, they are my kids. If you don't like that name, have a kid and name it what you want! OK, rant over! If someone does like our names, then use it. Then they can get beat up together!! =o)
Are you wondering what names we have choosen? Well you'll have to wait, if I haven't already told you. What name do you think we should name our bundle of joy? Remember we don't know the sex yet, so you can suggest boy or girl or both! Also remember we don't like"normal" names, but we do like names that are real names. Can't wait to see what crazy names you can come up with!


salena said...

Ok so when I told my mom I was naming my kid Bastien, she said "I cant even say it" And the first thing Steven's brother said about Embry is "He's gonna get made fun of" Those comments are annoying but I agree with your kids what you want, shut up about mine:)
For a girl Sundae or Scarlet is cute but Steven wont let me use them.
For a boy I love the name Jude

MegRich said...

Well, you told us to name Tyler either Chaz or Zolo, so I'm thinking maybe one of those. Can't wait to find out what you're having! I'll be thinking of some suggestions for girl names...

Grendle said...

HEY NIKKI! I think its great that you give your kids unique names. Plus they aren't CRAZY names that they will be like "what was mommy thinking". My Cousin named her six kids super Irish names and each time we didn't approve at first, but they fit each kid perfectly and everyone now loves them. Plus its never fun to have six kids in your class share your name! You can tell me what names you are thinking of, cause 1.) im not married and 2.) i promise you i won't steal them. Plus i can't lie - i'm an officer of the Court :-)

Grammy of 9 said...

Years ago there was an Olympic skier named Picabo Street (pronounced peek-a-boo) named after the Picabo Indian tribe in the upper northwest. I always thought that name was so fun! I dare you to go there!

Rina said...

So does real name include "Trexton" aka "T-Rex"? That is what Brad wants to name our next boy. I say no way. I am not naming my kid after a dinosaur! I love the name Oliver though. If my little girl surprises us and comes out a boy, she might be named Oliver. Hopefully you get an order for an ultrasound this week!

Becca said...

I really lked Asher when I was pregnant with Eli but it just didn't fit him. I also liked Sadie and Brightly when I was pregnant with Kaylee.

Wonder Woman said...

Love Paisley. A little girl in our ward was just named that. And I've always liked the name Guy. Doesn't work with May, so I won't be using it. I like Chaz, too, than Meg mentioned.

I hope you find out before Christmas! I kinda want to buy clothes.....but mostly want to buy what you need. What DO you need? bibs? pacifiers? bottles? Those last two might depend on the baby, though.....maybe just a gift card?

OraLyn said...

My daughter met someone that named their boy Espin. Why? Because the dad was a sports nut and he was really thinking ESPN.