random whateverness.....

It is no secret that our kids names aren't typical, and Sam and I pride ourselves in not having "normal" names. Our kids names are not made up names, they are real, just not common. Well we move to Valpo and their is a store named "PIPER". An expensive clothing store for kids. Then we are on our way to South Bend the other day to look for housing, on a window of a store in LaPorte (a town on the way) we see this. I guess our names aren't as "crazy" as everyone thinks they are!! SO THERE!!!!
Piper found the camera last night and wanted a photo shoot. She even drug daddy into it.
She was posing in this one, till Daddy started talking to her, then she lost focus and looked down at the wrong moment! Still a little bit of attitude shinning thru though!
Laundry day has always been a favorite at our house. It is the day that laundry baskets are emptied and they are our favorite toy! Kinda like when you get a big box and that is all the kids want to play in for the next 3 days. Piper has always loved the empty basket and today she got Thaddeus into and he played in there with her for a long time. Piper was pretending it was a boat and Thaddeus was driving it with the remote and she was the passenger and she would tell me everything she saw as they past by! It was cute and Piper loved having a driver, and I loved that I wasn't that driver for once!! It seemed Thaddeus loved it. He loves any attention Piper will give to him, good or bad!


Grammy of 9 said...

It was so fun to see you guys on webcam last night, thanks for the call! I can't wait for it to be reality!!! These pics are great, as always.

Becca said...

I love your kids!!!! I miss you guys so much!!! I wish you were looking for housing in Mesa and not South Bend.