Thaddeus is following suit and has become deeply attached to his blanket. He wont sleep without it! Learned that today when it was in the wash during nap time! It is so cute to watch him try to get it out of his crib, and carry it around and snuggle with it and rub it on his face when he gets tired, or whine for it if someone else has it! SO CUTE!! Life doesn't get much better than sniggling with your blankie!
And of course it was hard on Piper to when her's was in the wash. She didn't have to try to take a nap without, but we have done it and it gave the same result, NO NAP!
Piper wanted to take a picture of me and some how it ended up on here? This is me with no makeup, 3 sleepless nights beforehand, and 27 weeks pregnant. Could there be a more glamorous picture of me?? I think NOT!!!

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Wonder Woman said...

My boys love their blankies, too. After Isaac I learned to have two of the same blanket. makes life so much easier!