The Princess and the Frog

Sam and Piper had a "Daddy/Daughter" date on Saturday and they went to the movies. Piper saw a preview of The Princess and the Frog movie about a month ago and has talked about her and her daddy going to see it ever since. Piper was SSOOO thrilled and Sam was more thrilled that she wanted to go with him and not me. I was sad and felt excluded but Piper came home and told me all about the movie and the candy daddy got her and what happened in the movie and the songs and the best part was she told me she missed me the rest of the day! I am so glad that they had a great time. Sam absolutely loved his afternoon. He is busy all the time and doesn't always get to see his kids as much as he would want, let alone do fun things with them, but there was no way he could pass this up. Piper wouldn't have let him! Piper was so anxious for the movie to start! She sat still and watched it for a little over an hour, then started to get tired so she walked around so she wouldn't fall asleep, but she was very well behaved and earned a trip back to the movies. She is now talking about going to see it with Meme and Papa next week while we are at my folks house for Christmas. I bet we will have to twist theirs arms to take her! We had to make a run to Wal-Mart before the movies and we went by a section of just Princess and Frog things. She saw this shirt and wanted it and I really wanted to make this day special for her so I bought her a T-shirt. I have already got my $5 worth out of it. We put it on yesterday before the movie and she hasn't taken it off. She wore it under her dress to church today. She threw a fit when I told her we had to take it off and wash it, so I just left it on and decided to deal with the fit tomorrow!


MegRich said...

Ha ha. That is so cute that she didn't want to take the shirt off. What a sweet girl to want a daddy/daughter date. I could just squeeze her!

charlotte said...

Nikki! How are you? I can't believe that you are going to have your third! I haven't even had my first yet! Well not until 18 June 2010 that is when I am due. Congrats on the beautiful family.