Sam and I went out this afternoon KID LESS! I miss my kids when they aren't with me, but Sam and I are NEVER alone, so it was really nice to go out. It was nice to just get out of the car and walk away. It was nice to go sit down and have lunch and actually get to eat to. It was nice that I didn't have to ask anyone if they had to go potty. It was nice just to sit with my husband and TALK!
We went to this little quaint restaurant in downtown Valpo called Pikk's Tavern. It was so good. I had the fish tacos. I actually tried something different and for once LIKED IT! I hate to spend money and then to spend money on food that I don't like? SO I never order something different, but I never been there so I went for it and it paid off. They were spicy, but DELICIOUS!
Then we went to Starbucks (yes, Starbucks) and had some hot chocolate! It is like drinking a warm liquid brownie! YUM! We then went and picked up our kids and ended up staying at our friends house where our kids were till after dinner. Thank you Paige and Trey for watching our kids and feeding us a turkey dinner! It was DELICIOUS!!
So Sambo and I had a great day! We remembered that we do like each other, that we make each other laugh, and that we make each other happy! Love you Sam and thank you for taking such good care of me today! I love you


Grammy of 9 said...

Aw...I love reading this! (I remember how precious and few those moments alone are. But remember, someday you'll yearn for potty interruptions! Love you, Babygirl.

Angi said...

Dates are the best. Glad you were able to have some time ALONE together.

Chandler Family said...

STARBUCKS ROCKS!!!!! glad you two got out Together!