May family photos

While my siblings and I were ALL at my folks house for Christmas we had some professional pictures taken. Alyssa and I are both due in March with our third so they will be outdated soon, but since we don't get together more than once every 3 years or so, we had them taken anyway. (Alyssa is my brother Levi's wife.) All the kids did pretty well. When you have 7 children ranging from 5 to 1, pretty well is awesome! I can't get the pictures on my blog, but if you want to see them you can go to the photographer's website, click "Online Ordering". Then click Robin and Family. Enter YOUR e-mail address and enter password may122609. That just allows you to view the photos. If you want to order one I guess you could???? If you go see the pictures and wonder who everyone is, the "original May's" married all blondes. How that worked out, I am not sure, but out of the 7 grandchildren, only ONE is a brunette? Isn't blonde hair supposed to be recessive??

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charlotte said...

I love how Thad did not want to smile for any of the family pictures. He is still super cute though so it's ok!