Holiday Break (with pictures)

So here is our Christmas/Holiday break happenings. We left at 4 in the morning on Saturday the 19th. We got to my folk's house 11 1/2 hours later. Both kids did really well and slept pretty much the whole way. Thaddeus cried the last 20 minutes, but he had leaked out of his diaper, so we couldn't blame him. We did learn this trip that he doesn't travel as well as Piper. He isn't as content to read a book, or sing songs, or eat snacks like Piper was at that age, but then again, my kids are so different, I should have known. Piper was so excited to see Meme and Papa. Thaddeus finally warmed up to them the last morning we were there. Thad doesn't like people. Well let me rephrase. He LOVES people if mommy or daddy or holding him. If someone talks to him, he runs to one of us and then smiles and flirts with them. He is more sensitive and needs more comfort. Piper was NEVER like that! anyway, my sister and her family showed up a few days later, then my brother and his family, and then we enjoyed Christmas together!! It was wonderful. All of the boys get along so wonderfully. It is kinda like they would be friends even if they didn't have to be kinda thing! I am so thankful for that. My ex-husband never really tried to be friends with them, and that made me and everyone really sad! I love the dynamic that my family has now! Couldn't ask for more! So moving on, all of the kids played wonderfully together and the weather was terrific till the last few days. We had tons of sweets and snacks and I even upheld my promise to myself NOT to follow everyone around and clean constantly. I kinda have a tendency to do that. It doesn't bother my parents or my husband (what husband would complain of a constantly clean house?) but I didn't want it to bother anyone else. It was more stressful for me, but after awhile I got used to it and then when everyone left I helped my mom get things back in order and I LOVED IT! Having things orderly around me makes me feel calm and in control. I wasn't always like that, but during my first marriage when my life was total choaz, I started to feel the need to be able to control some aspect of my life and thus, obsessive cleaning! Not the worst habit to have I don't think, but some can and do find it annoying. Moving on, once again. I didn't take to many pictures while everyone was there. To much to do, and think, and say, that I forgot all about picture taking most of the time. SO I am hoping Alyssa or Shawn got good pictures! We did manage to fit in a big family group picture in the day after Christmas. The photographer came to my parents house and we got everything done except a photo of just the grandkids. The kids just couldn't stay happy, but we did get one of all of them after Church. Not professional or fancy, but at least we got one! So anyway, hope the pictures relate a little of how much fun the 2 weeks was for us! And as soon as my computer will let me download the pictures on the blogger, I will get that done so you can see them all! (FRUSTRATING!)
We even got to celebrate Thad's 1st birthdday with my folks. I can't believe how big he is! 2009 had to be the FASTEST YEAR OF MY LIFE! But I will post about his birthday later!
So the day came when we had to come home. Sad, but I guess two weeks away from home is long enough, I guess? The kids were glad to be back in their room with all their toys and Sam and I were glad to have a room ALL to ourselves! To sleep undisturbed, or unkicked ALL NIGHT was awesome!! Valpo welcomed us back by snowing when we pulled in and snowing constantly since! Gotta love lake effect! So anyway, everyone survived and made it back home.
Can't wait for another 4 years to go by so we can do it all again!
Christmas presents.....
Men bonding time!
Thaddeus learned to climb into chairs and on things during Christmas
All the grand kids!!! Clark (amlost 4 end of Jan.) Issac 5, Kimmy 5 1/2, Eric 3 1/2, Zander 2, Thaddeus 1, and Piper 2 1/2
Aunt Alyssa playing Strawberry Shortcake with Piper!
Isaac was so cute. He would tell the older boys how to play the games! He was actually pretty good himself!!

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