My baby is one!

Thaddeus turned a year old on the 29th! My mom and I and my kids went shopping in the morning for his birthday. I am sure he loved it. We went to lunch, then went home to the boys. Went out for dinner at a cafe they have in Stella, then home for cupcakes and presents! It was a bittersweet day. When Piper turned one she looked so big and grown up, but when I look at Thaddeus he still looks like my baby! Grow up kid! I am robbing you of being the baby in the family, so toughen up already! =o) (Just teasing Thad. You will be my baby the rest of your life!)
Even Piper got a few things. Puzzles and a sweater from Meme!
It wouldn't be much of a birthday w/o a sit and spin!
Little People car track, one of my favorites!


Grammy of 9 said...

Great pics, sweetheart. I can't believe everyone is gone. It's almost like a dream that never actually happened. But it was a wonderful dream, anyway. Make sure Sam's family knows about the photo site. Love you, Mommas

Angi said...

He will only be a baby until you have another one.

Matt and Megan said...

My second has seemed that way too. It will be interesting to see how big they seem with new ones in the house! When you first commented on our blog my prego brain was having a hard time placing you. Then Matt looked at your blog and remembered us watching them play church softball and Sam's brother had come to play too. I was saying how I wanted to set him up with my cousin not knowing that a girl had come with him and was sitting right by us!! Then I remembered! He has a GREAT memory! I invited you to our new blog!