26 is anticlimatic

I turned 26 today. Anticlimactic if you ask me. I did get pampered a little today and that was nice. Once you hit 18, you're legal. Once you get 21 you can do pretty much anything. Once you get to 25 you are mid-twenties, quarter of a century, pretty cool. 26, nothing new, except one year closer to 30. My day started like usual. Got up at 7 with Thaddeus hollering for me from his crib. Got everyone dressed, feed, I got a long hot shower (not normal). Then the kids and I ran errands, came home, did some laundry, dishes, trash, picked up, (very normal), then after lunch and cake and presents, I got a NAP!! WONDERFUL!! About an hour of it was uninterrupted. AWESOME! Then we went to dinner at Applebee's. I cheated alot today with my sugar. I was still pretty reserved but I did have some and let me tell you. Not having sugar for the past 4 weeks is killer, then having some today, I HAVE NEVER TASTED SOMETHING SO HEAVENLY!!!! I do have this whole cake left that I can't eat and it is killing me!! But it was worth the tiny sliver I did get to eat! After the kids went to bed, I got a foot rub! My feet have been swelling and I have been running around for the past 3 days like crazy and really needed a foot rub. It only took being pregnant and my birthday to get one, but I still LOVED it! Sam even got me a gift! First gift that he got me in 5 years that I didn't get myself, or know about! He was so proud of himself and excited! He and Piper bugged me for hours to open presents. Piper wanted her Cinderella doll she got me and Sam wanted me to confirm his pride! I had a great day. My family make me feel so happy and loved everyday. I am a lucky women and today proved how wonderful my family is! Love you guys! You are my life! ************************************************** My helper, mixing my cake. Piper helped with the sprinkles and the candles to. What a HAPPY MOMMY! I blew them ALL out in one breath! Piper couldn't wait to get her hands on Cinderella. As soon as it was open, she asked if she could hold it for me so I didn't get frosting on it! Clever girl! My tiny sliver of cake and ice cream. IT WAS SOOOOOO GOOD! My mom sent me $20 and so I went shopping. I had a $10 off coupon from JCPenny, so we went there and I saw this bag for $20. perfect. I go to the register and it is only $15, and then with the $10 coupon I paid $5 for a $50 purse!! AWESOME! This is Sam's gift. A necklace with all of my kids first initail! I love it! My first mommy piece of jewelry! Our dessert at Applebee's. The 3 bites I had were delicious!!! It all got ate though! Can you tell why I am totally in love with these two!? I love my happy little guy! He was dead tired but was still trying to me make us laugh! He exist solely to make me laugh!


MegRich said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY NIKKI! Sam's gift was so cute. I love it!

Angi said...

I thought about you on your birthday. I knew it was your day but I was travein gon the road with no internet so I couldn't send you a birthday wish. I hope you had a special day. It sure sounds like it. When I turned 25 it thought it was the end of hte world. After that birthday it was all down hill. Each birthday is just a special day. I love you and hope al is well with you guys.