Sam's poor toe!

Sam's meeting was canceled this afternoon, so he decided to come home and be with us for a little bit. He leaves tomorrow for 4 days to go to Salt Lake City for a Law conference, so it was a blessing that he got to come home and spend a few extra hours with us. Well Thaddeus got out some Tupperware and was throwing it around. It landed by the door frame and Sam was trying to play along and ended up kicking the door frame VERY hard and broke his pinky toe! It was swollen pretty bad, but not purple. Then he gets home from school, takes his shoe off and it is PURPLE. So we ice it, and move on. THEN, after walking around, messing around at home, we look at it about 2 hours later, and the whole side of his foot is purple, swollen, and nasty! I feel bad cause when he broke it, I started to laugh. The reaction he wanted right, well once I realized he was really hurt, I thought it was even funnier, so I kept laughing as he is withering in pain on the floor. It took me a minute to compose myself and help him! Hopefully we learned a valuable lesson! He is wonderful though. Even with a broken toe he went and got Piper's silky that she left at a friends house this afternoon and got me a bag of ice! (I crave ice the whole 3rd trimester! Crave isn't really the right word for it cause I WOULD KILL FOR IT!) Thank you Sam for being a trooper! I love you!


Grammy of 9 said...

Oh! Poor Sam, that looks really painful. And now he has to trudge through airports and conferences for days? Poor, poor Sam.
P.S. No going into labor while he's gone!!!!!

Matt and Megan said...

That is so sad! Aren't dads great though to rough house with the kids when it is close to impossible for us pregers to get up and down off the floor!! What a great dad!