She IS getting BIGGER

You can't really tell by looking at her, but she is getting bigger! She is so long, and that probably makes her looker skinnier, but she is getting a little more meat on her bones. She is so more alert now! When she is awake she never blinks. She just can't get enough of the world!! I took a picture of Piper that looks just like this one, but I can't seem to find it! Piper and Odessa do have different noses, but I think they are starting to look like sisters! But the pictures between Piper and Thaddeus as babies are crazy. Sometimes it is hard for me to tell who is who. Thank goodness I ALWAYS put Piper in Pink!


Rina said...

She is so cute! I think she looks more like you and your other two look more like Sam.

Grammy of 9 said...

Mydessa! My new nickname for her!