Walk in the park

We went for a walk to other day and had a picnic. It was a nice day, of course it was windy, but everyday is windy here. Piper wanted to eat lunch under a jungle gym. At least it was shady! Odessa got to have some lunch with us to! Then we went and played on the playground. Piper loves the "little park" cause it has a merry go round. And if you are wondering if Thaddeus ever got out to play? NO HE DIDN'T! I could not keep up with him if I let him out. He likes the road and the pond better than the playground and since I was by myself, he just got to watch Piper have all the fun. Maybe one day he will listen to Mommy and stay close, but as of right now, the stroller is Mommy's best friend!

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Grammy of 9 said...

Poor Thad. But it would be really hard to chase him down with Odessa strapped to you, too! He'll learn soon, if he wants to get out of that and play.