Baby Odi updates

Our little burrito baby! ************************************************** I walk in to see Odessa and Daddy watching TV together in the bedroom. Pretty face huh? Then I realize all the spit up! Pretty feisty huh? ************************************************* Piper and Odi watched a movie the other day while Thaddeus took his nap. Odi layed their a long time with her and Piper would tell her what was happening in the movie and roll over to hold her hand. Odessa would smile at her and talk to her. It was almost a real conversation! It was so cute! *************************************************** BLESSING Odessa was blessed in church today. When Sam got up to go bless Odi, Thaddeus of course started throwing a fit so I got up and took him out and stood by the door so I could still hear the blessing, then Piper follows me out and tells me she has to go potty. So I missed the entire blessing, but thankfully my friend Laura took notes for me! (Thank you Laura. I was so upset I missed the blessing and the fact that you cared enough to take notes, really meant a lot to me!) Sam blessed her with a strong relationship with mother and fathers. Health, strength and desire to keep commandments. Be a leader and have many friends and be an example of a true follower of Jesus Christ. Strong in the church. Have good friends that will take her to the temple. So, I think Sam did pretty good!! Piper wore this dress for her blessing to! It is mostly dress and less baby, but adorable. Piper wore it at 1 week old and Odessa wore it at 2 months old and it fit the same!?? Odi is still very much my baby, but Oh I love that little girl. Even all night long when we get our exclusive mommy daughter time!!

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Laura said...

I loved being able to take notes for you! I didn't realize that you were taking Piper potty but saw you at the back with Thaddeus. She is so cute!!!