I still nurse Odessa, then give her formula so she gets plenty of calories and will gain some weight. Well doing so takes about an hour and a half to complete the full feeding and burping and diaper changing, so at night I get NO SLEEP. Well last night when she got up at 1, I gave her a bottle and within 30 minutes she was back to sleep in her bed. At 4 when she got up I gave her a bottle and again within 30 minutes she was fed, diaper changed and sleeping back in her bed. I only lost a total of 1 hour of sleep last night, instead of just getting a combined total of two hours of actual sleep. So My conclusion..... I still really want to nurse so I am going to ONLY nurse during the day and give her bottles at night. We all get more sleep that way and then Sam can take a feeding at night since he is done with school and he hasn't started studying for the bar. Hopefully that way she gets on more of a schedule during the day, and in return, more of a night schedule too! Wish us luck!


Wonder Woman said...

I think this is a GREAT idea. Good luck with it!

Rina said...

Good luck!