Horsey rides

I was in the kids room picking up some toys, on my hands and knees, and all the sudden I have a 16 month old attacking me climbing on to my back, saying "he he he" (his noise for horsey) It was so cute! I took him for a ride down the hall, then his big sister spotted us. Taking turns isn't always an option, so we all piled on. Thaddeus will just giggle the WHOLE time, and always right in my ear! I LOVE BEING A MOMMY! And you know I can't post without posting of my baby! She doesn't get to do all the fun things yet, but as long as Mommy is within sight she doesn't care. She follows me around the room and if she can't see me she will start to cry, or if she hears my voice from another room, she will cry till she sees me. I LOVE having a fan club! And yes, those are the whitest legs you have ever seen! Thanks for noticing! And sorry about the no make-up face. You're lucky I had clothes on!


Grammy of 9 said...

I love all these new pics and posts! I am so proud of Sam and truly wish we could be there for such a momentous occasion!!! I love you all so much and I'm so proud of you, too, and the mommy you've become! XXXOOO

Rina said...

You are such a good mommy. Also, I like your playlist (minus strawberry shortcake.. I'm not real familiar with that one). When you say nothing at all was playing just now and I haven't heard that for years. I love that song!