An afternoon at the beach

It was 78 degrees in Valpariso today so Sam and I took advantage of it and went up to Lake Michigan for the afternoon. We are so lucky to have the lake only 25 minutes north of us. On the lake you can see Gary, Indiana, and the Chicago skyline from the beach. Every year Piper gets better with the sand (neither one of us like to get dirty), and since Thaddeus has never really played in the sand before I was worried how he would react but he LOVED IT! We will introduce the water to Odessa maybe next year, but she loved lounging with Mommy! We had a GREAT afternoon! We had a swimming suit for Odessa, but she wasn't getting close to the water, so I saved myself the extra work, but she took on the lounging baby roll really well! Sambo had a great time with the kids. He showed Piper how to skip rocks and taught Thaddeus what a rock was and Thad even learned how to say "rock" today. Sam is such a WONDERFUL TERRIFIC daddy! I couldn't have asked for a better man to help raise my kids! My pretty little girl. She still hollered when she first walked in the sand, but she got used to the idea and after I told her we would rinse all the sand off when we were done, she was more willing to let it get on her! She is me threw and threw! Can a 3 year old have OCD too? Anyway, she had a great time and she gets prettier and prettier every day! I just wish she would start listening to me again! My handsome little man. He LOVED the water. He just went right up to the water, and kicked and splashed and had the best time. Sat right down in it and went threw every rock in the water. He thought they were fascinating. One picture is him showing me what a rock was. He kept saying "Mama rock" over and over. He wanted to eat them, but mean daddy kept telling him no! Sorry no pictures of me! I know you wanted them, but TOUGH!! I promise that my kids are always with me although there is no proof of it! We had a TERRIFIC afternoon!