I guess I need to apologize for my post about a few moms I knew (but haven't see in years) that didn't like their kids. It came off totally wrong. I went back and reread it and it sounds way worse than what I was trying to say. I know EVERY mom LOVES their children. I just love my kids and would rather be their mom than anything else. I surround myself with women who feel the exact same way. So everyone that reads this retarded blog should know I wasn't talking about any of you. It was simply me wanting to express something that has been on my mind for over a year now. It all come back to my mind a few weeks ago when I heard of a mom trying to frame and murder her own daughter. I just can't believe someone could kill and then kill their own child. SO if I offended anyone by what I said I am truly. I will think before I blog again!

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