Mental Health Day

If you have a "real" job, get dressed up everyday, leave at 9 come home at 5, get a paycheck, etc etc, you also get days off. In my field, I don't get days off, which means I haven't had a day off IN 3 YEARS!!! SO TODAY, I TOOK ONE! My day started at 2:30am with Piper trying to climb into our bed. I took her back to her bed and we couldn't find her silky. I looked and looked for it but I was tired and have looked for that silky enough to last me 1000 lifetimes. So I told her to go to sleep with out it. Well it didn't happen! She got up, turned her bed room light on, woke up Thaddeus, was playing dress up, playing on the computer, coming into my room every 5 minutes wanting or asking me something. She also took off her pull up that she wears at night and put on her panties. Well I was finally going to sleep about the time Odi was waking up (6 a.m.) SO I went to bed, Sam got up with Odi, I then saw her silky under Odessa's crib (how it got there is still a mystery). Piper then fell asleep on the couch. I got up at 8, came to the living room and took over T-bud and Odi. Piper gets up a few minutes later and tells me she is all wet!!!! She peed ALL OVER MY COUCH! So I get T-Bud and Piper in the tub. I am getting Thad out all dried, then turn to Piper and get her out and then I feel my foot is getting wet, and Thad is PEEING ON MY FOOT! So I took today as my first "MENTAL HEALTH DAY" Sam got lunch and naps and I even told him I wasn't making dinner either! I went to the movies (by myself, which was actually very relaxing, can't wait to do it again!) and then went and walked Kohl's and Target ALL BY MYSELF! Sam was such a trooper and I think he is ready for my mental health to return!


Elliott Mom said...

I'm impressed that this was your first mental health day! I take an evening at least every couple of months or I'll go bonkers! While I love my children dearly, they do tend to make me crazy! :)

Laura said...

I love it! I'm glad I'm not the only one who has days like that! I have never gone to the movies by myself though? I may have to try it!