Our Sunday at Papa E's

Every Sunday my folks go to my gandpas house to have dinner with him. When us kids are here, we all go to, which I LOVE and so do my kids. My grandpa has a playground he put together from older playground equipment. AND HE HAS A DOG! Thaddues LOVES dogs! He pretends to be one everyday. Playing with Tater. Thaddeus was poking a stick threw the fence to play with him I guess. But Tator got tired of that game and took the stick from him! Pipers turn to push Thaddeus is the Merry-GO-Round. This M-GO-R was at the Wellington Lake, right in front of my house all growing up. Horsey Ride Look at my handsome little man! If you ask me, he is the most handsomest little guy out there!! The slide is always a favorite for my kids. It was a warm up for later!! On the highway by my grandpas house is a row of three steep hills. If you go fast enough it is like a mini rollercoaster for kids! It was one of our favorite things growing up. My kids loved it!!! Here we are going up.... AND THEN COMING DOWN!!!!! (Don't mind my son sitting in a pink chair, he is still manly!) Then finally it was bed time, and my dad read them a book. I read them about 3 more once he left but they really enjoyed having Papa read them one!


MegRich said...

That picture of Thad on the slide is so handsome! He's so grown up!

The Studes said...

we have a hill like that in my town you drive really fast and its sooo fun!