Memory Lane

So I have been kinda MIA the last couple of weeks. We moved to South Bend, Indiana. I was here for 4 days and then I left to go to my folks house for the entire month of July while Sam stayed behind and studied for the Bar. It was a very long month w/o him. But he got some much needed studying in and we got some quality time with Meme and Papa. More on that later..... ********************************************************* So today, I had to go to Merrilville, which is about 1 hour and 40 minute drive from where I now live. I had to pick up the title to my new van (more on that later to) then I had to go to the BMV to pick it up. Once I got there and unloaded all my kids, and waited 20 minutes, I was told I needed an emissions test. OS I packed us up, went back across town to take the test. Luckily, for $10 more dollars they could tag my car there! DEAL!!! Then I let Piper pick where we ate lunch. I wanted Dagwood's, but she decided on Noodles. Then we made our 1 hour and half trip back home. Made it back in time for Sonic's Happy Hour. My kids did awesome today and I had a $5 coupon for Sonic so we went and had ice cream! Made it home around 3. Just enough time to start bed sheets that Piper peed in, and find something to fix for dinner. It has been a long day! I drove by our old place in Valpo and someone is already moved in! I was so sad. I really miss Valpo. I know where everything is. The short cuts are. The best places to eat. And most importantly, I had friends. I don't know a soul here. A very lonely feeling! Anyway, it was sad to drive out of town. But I did it, and I LOVE our new place. I am glad to finally be grown ups, and out of school and have a job, but I miss it. We were on our own. We grew our family there, etc etc.. anyway you get the point! Onward and Upward right? anyway... I will post again soon about my month later. But for now, IT IS TIME FOR BED!

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