Backyard fun

It was so nice out today. Not to hot, and there was a light breeze, so we played in the back yard for about 2 hours straight this afternoon! We love having a little back yard to run in! Once our grass is all grown in and I can get Sam to mow, it will be even better! We played soccer, and played with blocks, watered the grass and our feet, played games, rode bikes, and got out our tunnel to crawl threw. It was wonderful! I took like a gazillion and a half pictures, but don't worry, I only put up a handful! Can you believe how big she is!!!! Not literally, but figuratively. They play so well together, when they want to! Odi can sit up by herself, but not well enough that I would trust her around concrete! He went around saying "BEEP BEEP" as loud as he could, then he would laugh at himself! She was so proud of herself for thinking of and doing this all by herself!