A day at the ZOO (BEWARE: Picture overload!)

Sam had his first PAID day off (love federal holidays!!!)(and I love that we have some extra money to take the kids places), so we had a family day and went to the Zoo! Sam and I had more fun than the kids did, but I think we all had a good time. If I haven't mentioned before, Thad LOVES rocks!! We don't know why the fascination, but everywhere we go, we get rocks. The Zoo was filled with them, so of course we had to stop at EVERY rock! Try to pick each one up (no matter the size), climb on them, and even hug them! Crazy kid!! My family! Some nice man let us stop him to take our picture. I told you he loved rocks. If you don't believe me, there will be PLENTY of evidence! Why he was hugging them still throws me, but he is a very emotional, sensitive little guy so it doesn't really surprise me that he was hugging something he loves. This was the first animal we saw. The kids thought it was cool, but they thought the rocks were still cooler! Everyday I am surprised how much these two look alike. Both in plaid shorts, tennis shoes, walking with the same foot foreword, swinging the right arm higher than the left, and even looking the same way, GIVE ME CHILLS!!! more rocks... and more... and more... Sam demonstrating our puzzlement My pretty girl! Aren't we cute? For being so little, she killed my back! Thad talked to the Macaw and the Macaw would talk back, for about 5 minutes! We just watched the "Go, Diego, Go" episode featuring the Macaw. So Thad was excited about the bird. One thing they could and were actually supposed to climb on. My super sexy, handsome, wonderful, intelligent hubby! Thad showing me his rocks Across the parking lot from the Zoo was the enormous park. The kids were more excited to go play then to go to the Zoo. Odi finally got to stretch out! Someone in the Zoo said how pretty she was and guessed if she was 3 months old. I smiled and said "No, she will be 6 months on Thrusday." She said "Wow, she's little." Thanks Captain Obvious!! This was just 1/3 of the park! The kids and Sam loved it! Odi and I. I didn't realize I had my glasses on, so we had to try again. We had a great time and loved our extra day with Daddy! Thank you to all of those who "Labored" so we could have a long weekend!


Grammy of 9 said...

what a wondeful spread of pics! it looks like you had the perfect day with your little family. i miss you all so much! i have the perfect scrapbook pages and embellishments for these pics. please send me copies!!! love you!!!

Rina said...

I love Odessa's outfit. So cute. Looks like you guys had a fun day. Rocks and statues are always more fun than the acutal animals at the zoo and rocks and statues usually do more than the actual animals at the zoo. Glad you guys had a fun day!