That is our new nickname for our big girl. I noticed that Piper is in every blog but it is never about her. So I dedicate this entry to just Piper! Piper is my BIG helper! She helps when someone is crying, when someone needs or wants something. Thad has learned that all he has to do is ask Piper for some cheese, and she will get him all string cheese he wants. One morning I found them both in the living floor and they had eaten a whole bag of string cheese. Piper said he kept asking so she kept giving him some. Very helpful!!! She does it all but diapers! I can't seem to get her to change one, and I just can't figure it out! Piper can get dressed all by herself. Go potty all by herself, and work the internet all by herself. She has her own websites she can go to and maneuver around. She can do simple math (adding and subtracting). She loves to recognize and make different patterns. She can sound out a word and then tell me what letters are in that word. She can write her letters and numbers. She can write the names in our family. We are going to start learning to read this fall and maybe have her reading by the spring. Sam was reading books by 4, so it isn't a completely insane goal. She loves barbies, Disney princess (anything princess), wearing her tutu, dancing and being a ballerina. She loves to watch movies and make her sister laugh. She absolutely loves being a big sister. She plays the role perfectly. She is bossy, helpful, patient, loving, bossy, a rule keeper, a leader, and bossy! She is amazing and I can't believe I was the lucky one that got to be her mother. She was an answer to prayer and has been my best friend for 3 1/2 years! She made me a mother and to her I am eternally grateful! She amazes me and loves me unconditionally everyday! I can't thank my Heavenly Father enough for sending her to me! I love her more than my own life and look forward to being with her everyday!

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