Who is this guy you ask?

If you can't tell, it is my awesomely handsome husband! If you know what Sam dressed like when we started dating almost 6 years, you would not recognize him now. It wasn't horrible, but 6 years ago he would not be caught dead in an argyle sleeveless pull over. I was shopping for clothes so we can take our family pictures in a couple of weeks and this sweater is part of his outfit. I showed it to him and he said "sure" without making an ugly face, or flat out telling me no! I couldn't believe it! When I saw him in it on Sunday morning I almost jumped his bones right there at the kitchen sink. (He was making Odi a bottle. Those two combination's almost did me in!) I dare you to tell me he doesn't look HOT. He is even making his sexy face!!

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Rina said...

Careful now... are you ready for another Oops? Ha ha! You are funny.