I was in the living room and Piper comes running saying "Momma, come look, hurry!" I come running, thinking something bad happened, and Bud and Piper have found a frog. It was staring at them threw the glass door. Piper wanted to know what it was (I am not sure she has ever seen one in real life before. she said "It isn't green." I don't promote little jumpy, slithery, bumpy, slimy critters of any kind), so anyway, once I told her, Thad and Piper have been a frog since. Jumping all over the house. They thought he was fascinating. I thought he was ugly and creepy! All bumpy and spotty, and bug eyed! eewwwww!!!!


Grammy of 9 said...

I think that may be a toad, sweetie. I guess frogs and toads are somewhat interchangeable in our minds, right? Sounds like the babies had fun, though!!!

Nikki said...

Both jumpy, and gross and bug eyed.