Doctor visit

I took the kids in to get check ups and meet our new pediatrician and we came out with 2 kids having ear infections and all 3 with throat infections. I didn't even know anything was wrong!? I mentioned Thad's coughing and wheezing but once again the doctor told me it was a cold! When will doctors listen to me! IT ISN'T JUST A COLD! Unless you can have a constant cough and cold since the day you were born! anyway, $60 dollars poorer and a massive headache later, we are home and now all medicated! ****************************************************************** Odessa gained 2 pounds in one month! She is now 15.8 pounds! YAY!!!

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Rina said...

Wow! Good job Odessa! She is about the same size as Alina now... just 3 weeks older.

Get well soon.