Meet Jack Richardson

Piper was trying to teach Odessa everyone's name at lunch today. She went around to everyone and got around to Thaddeus and said that is Thaddeus. He said no Piper, I'm Jack. Where did that come from? If I ask him to do something he says, "no, Jack do it". He came up to me and said "Jack Mommy, drink please?" It was so cute. We have all called him Jack since lunch! I don't know where he even heard that name, and why he wanted it as his name, but today he is Jack!!!!


Laura said...

How cute! I wonder how long he'll want to be called Jack for. I had a friend whose real name was Eugene but when he was 2 he started insisting his name was Al and he still goes by Al 25+ years later lol.

Grammy of 9 said...

Your brother at Thad's age did the same thing! He would decide who he was that day, and if you didn't call him that, he simply refused to answer or talk to you! I always wondered how he could remember to do that at such a young age. Kind of like when I tell Piper she's my little girl and she immediately answers "No, I a biddirl"