Small spaces

(My SD card port isn't working so no pictures, just imaginations) I LOVE watching Odi play ALL OVER THE FLOOR! She doesn't "crawl" as much but she can go forward? (make any sense, more like in between crawl and army crawl and snake like movements) But anyway, she gets into the tiniest spots and places I didn't know and think anyone could! My other two don't like to be squeezed into places (kinda like their mommy and meme. I cry every time I get into an elevator. And if it shakes, downright hysterics) But little Odi doesn't mind them at all, till she gets stuck. But she is so tiny, that she hardly ever does. This is where I would put in a picture of her squeezed under her toys and tables and chairs and anything that there is 6 inches to cram herself into! It is cute, but it gives me the willies just to see her in them.

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Rina said...

Alina just started crawling last week too! I haven't blogged it yet because I have been avoiding my own camera overload of pictures.

PS. I can write this because I'm sure it is different for everyone. The word verification password I have to write below is "alicat"... Alina's nickname! How random?