Big Helper

I went to the store yesterday to get all the things we needed for Thanksgiving dinner. While I was shopping it started pouring outside. Intense rain to where I couldn't even see any car in the parking lot. I waited a few minutes and it was dying down so I put the kids hoods on and ran for the van. I opened the trunk and thought that would protect the kids till I got them in the car but the wind was blowing the rain right on them. Some nice older man stopped and covered us with his umbrella and covered us while I put each kid in and while I put the bags in the trunk which he also helped me do. I was so grateful for that little act of kindness. I was still drenched from head to toe but I was so thankful for him and his help! I would like to think he stopped to help me cause he was nice and not just because it was the Christmas season, but either way I was thankful!


MegRich said...

I LOVE people like that! It makes me want to be a nicer person. Thanks nice older man for making Nikki's day! P.S.- Can't wait to see you guys in LESS THAN A MONTH!

Leesa said...

That is so awesome! I forgot to blog about our little experience last week at Fazoli's. Jason and I were there for lunch and a stranger paid for our food! It was very sweet. I'll have to make a post about it.