Question of the season

I am sure everyone has heard about the new rules for flying. Well my question to all of you is..... Would you rather be scanned or patted down? I am worried about the pat downs obviously. If someone wants to violate me, sure go ahead, (I double dog dare ya) but I don't anyone touching my children, FOR ANY REASON! I don't even like the old ladies at Wal-mart trying to touch my babies hand and tell her she is cute, as harmless as they are. But with the scans, I have heard those pictures are being leaked onto the internet. Do I really want people seeing my children's bodies. Then there is the radiation dispute to worry about. If they are patted down then at least no one sees it, but if they are and then violated, wont they be more scarred by that then the other. I am not saying the if they are patted down they WILL BE violated, but as I said before, I don't want ANYONE touching my children FOR ANY REASON! So again, Would you rather be scanned or patted down?

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MegRich said...

Yeesh! I vote neither! Good luck!