So we had our first Thanksgiving by ourselves! Since we moved away from family, we have always had substitutes (aka other students alone for the Holidays), but this year since, we were ALL ALONE, and let me tell you, it sucked! We did go to a friends home in the ward and have pie. But after we ate our dinner and cleaned up, Sam and I looked at each other and were disappointed. It felt like any other family dinner that we have every day. LONELY!!! I didn't even get out the camera. We don't need to remember such a sad event. But Tangled came out on Wednesday and we went to go see it this afternoon as a family! We tried to go at 2 o'clock , but it was sold out!!! It never occurred to me that it would be that busy. I thought everyone would be shopping, but not in Mishawaka apparently. So we tried again and went at 4. I brought plenty of snacks and that kept T-Bud quiet for a while and Odi took a nap for most of it so I did get to pay attention to most of the movie. I was standing up in the back of the theater holding a child most of the time, but I did get to watch! It was a cute movie and it was a great day to spend our day with Daddy! Happy Turkey Day everyone!


Wonder Woman said...

Happy Turkey Day! Yes, we have learned that Thanksgivings alone suck. We've been able to leech onto many other's thanksgivings, and then today we had a mini-one with some of our single/kidless friends. Low-key but still fun.

I've heard Tangled is really good!

Rina said...

Sorry your TG was not the best. Just think, next year will have to be better, right!? We also went to see Tangled yesterday afternoon. Alina was so good I didn't have to get out of my seat once! It was a Black Friday miracle.