Christmas Morning

Christmas morning in Arizona was wonderful! We got to share our morning with Sam's mom and Dad and his brother and his new wife Alison. After we opened presents we went to Sam's sister's Becca's house and had a huge wonderful breakfast! We then went and took naps and then headed to the west valley and had dinner with Sam's brother Nate who just moved back to the valley. He just finished his residency. We then headed back home and put the kids to bed and left them in the care of Grandma and Grandpa. We headed to yet another brothers house, Jake and his wife Megan, and played the Wii for a while and then Sam took me to the movies. It was a long day but an awesome day! Opening stockings!!! Odi enjoying the chocolate gold fishes! I don't know why this picture came up sideways, but it is of Piper sharing Swedish fish with Teeb. Present time!!! The one thing she REALLY REALLY wanted was a Strawberry remote control car. Santa knows everything! Jason and Alison. Jason is Sam's youngest brother. Odi got a new outfit in her stocking and it is a 9 month outfit and it fits! Maybe we are growing and catching up (a little bit). And yes that is her standing all by herself and trying to take a step to the tv. Luckily she didn't do it!!!
We had a GREAT Christmas!!! Thanks all you Arizonians for making it WONDERFUL!

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