Christmas morning in Indiana

Piper asked if Santa left any presents at our house and in fact he did. He left pillow pets, a doll house, a pirate ship and an annoying farm yard toy!
Piper loved her unicorn pillow pet, but Odi just stared at it for a while then cralwed away to find something else to put in her mouth. Even now she will just sit and stare at it! Thaddeus got a puppy pillow pet but wouldn't pose with it! A doll house for Miss Piper, and some strawberry shortcake toys. That annoying farm yard toy for Odi. She also got a princess baby doll. And the pirate ship for Sam, oh I mean Thad! He wouldn't smile at the camera, it has been a long flight and night and he just wasn't in the mood! He also got a dragon toy to go with his ship. He still wasn't in the mood for pictures though, but he was in the mood to dress up like Diego for the occasion. He thinks his name in Jack Diego lately.
Thank you Santa for remembering to leave us toys at our house. We just didn't get enough in Arizona!!!

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