So we made it home! We went to Arizona on the 16th to be with Sam's brother Jason. He got married to Alison in the Mesa Arizona temple. It was Sam's last sibling to be married. It was absolutely wonderful to be there with them and ALL of Sam's siblings we there! It was the first time in like 10 years that every sibling and almost all their kids were together. (Sam's oldest brother's youngest daughter wasn't there, nor was her husband). We took a fmaily picture and when I get that I will post it! We also stayed for Christmas. The 10 days we were home were the ebst 10 days I have had in a long time! Being with everyone and just being with family is really something we have missed! We CAN NOT wait till we can move home!! Piper woke up the day we left crying cause she didn't want to leave. Saying it was beautiful in Arizona and that it was to cold at home. Sam and I couldn't agree more!!! We had a great time and we were all sad to leave. We didn't miss the plane rides though. We got home about 1 in the morning last night and in case you are wondering, no, our kids were awake the whole time. Normal kids would ahve fallen asleep, but I have always laid my babies down to fall asleep on their own in their cribs and have a hard time falling asleep anywhere else but their own bed. It is wonderful most of the time, but not on a plane! So we all slept till 11 this afternoon. We were still on Arizona time to, so it was really only 9 to us, but it was still wonderful! Well Sam still had to get up at 6 to go to work, but he came home early and took a long nap before dinner. anyway, I have tons of pictures to post and talk about but that will have to wait till tomorrow! You will just have to be on pins and needles till then!!!
p.s. Odi stands up on her own, unassisted. I tried to get her to take a step but she isn't interested in that yet, THANK GOODNESS!!!!

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MegRich said...

WE MISS YOU! It was so much fun to have you here and can't wait to see you guys again. Love you!