So I was sitting in the playroom with all the kids playing and who walks up to me?? ODESSA!!! That little punk just woke up one morning and decided to WALK!! She only takes 2 steps at a time, but just 3 days ago she was totally against the idea! WHAT IS HAPPENING!!?? I called Sam at work to be sad with me and all he could do was be HAPPY about it! Who's side is he on??


MegRich said...

Ha ha. Oh that silly Odessa. Doesn't she know she's supposed to stay little and immobile for at least another year?! But I can't help but be excited for her genius in figuring out how to walk on her own, despite her mommy's attempts to keep her down ;) It's those family genes- are kids are awesome!

Rina said...

Sam doesn't have to chase her around all day! Fun for you! Too bad these babies are growing up just a little too fast - okay WAY too fast! Good job Odessa!