I am so lame!

Ok, so this post will probably key you into how lame my social life has become. Friday night, all the kids are in bed, Sam went to the movies to see Green Lantern and I am home by myself in the dark, quiet and freezing house all by myself.
So what do I do to keep myself entertained!?
I splurged and ordered a PIZZA! A thin crust pepperoni lovers from Pizza Hut. My absolutely favorite pizza that one else in my little family likes (they don't like thin crust)! I can't believe I am so excited about this but I feel secretive, sneaky, wasteful, and not at all remorseful!!! hehehehehe


MegRich said...

You go sistah! That sounds like an awesome night. I hope you eat the whole pizza on your own! :)

Paige Turnbow said...

My favorite pizza is the this crust meatlovers from Pizza Hut. Have fun and enjoy every bite.

Leesa said...

Good girl for splurging! We need to do that for ourselves every once in awhile. :)
Next time you come to KS - let's do a girls' night for sure. :)